Celebrity Jeweler Ben Baller Sold 300 Bitcoins At $1,000, Now He‘s Telling Everyone How Much He Regrets It

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller always gets in a bad mood every time he remembers that he lost over $3 million because he chose to sell his Bitcoin stash at a low price. According to Baller, he bought 300 Bitcoins back when they went for just $700 apiece. Later, he sold all the stash at $1,000 each, effectively making a cool $90k in profits.

However, Ben Baller is now not happy with his decision to sell his stash. In fact, he admits that this is the biggest regret he harbors. With the current Bitcoin price at $10k, it’s clear that Ben has missed a whole $3 million cash out as a result of his decision to sell out at $1k.

Not The Only One
Ben Baller isn’t the only celebrity into cryptos. Some time back, skater Tony Hawk tweeted that he has been into Bitcoin for a cool 6 years.

From the look of it, he’s pretty bullish on the crypto and he isn’t letting go of his stash any time soon.

The Media Is Now Into BTC
The crypto space has been garnering support from some very unusual corners. For one, the media has been largely silent about Bitcoin and cryptos for years, but that seems to have changed now.

Media houses like CNBC are increasingly getting interested in talks and chats about Bitcoin. Also, along with the growing media coverage, Bitcoin seems to have attracted more celebrities.

Over the last decade, Bitcoin has gained fame and attracted a large fan-base. In fact, despite a few ups and downs, many people are still bullish on the coin. Some have suggested that Bitcoin could one day be valued at upwards of $100k. These predictions, coupled with the growing FOMO, could very well fuel a serious bull run in the future.

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