Ovato –The new generation digital currency!

Ever since Blockchain technology made its inception with Bitcoin, World is continuously seeing varied protocols built on foundations by Bitcoin and the consensus protocol based on Blockchain. It leads to more than 300,000 daily transactions that were conducted daily, thereby proving Blockchain to be one of the best ways for value exchange. Bitcoin for sure solved the problem of universal trust but the developers failed to find a perfect solution for mass adoption. They failed to focus on this issue and made strategies for the very slow process of mass adoption. All concentration was on making Bitcoin very efficient and did not spend many resources on making it accepted as a digital currency.

A virtual unknown coin has just initiated trading on markets and exchanges. It is called Ovato. It is specialised in solving the issue of mass adoption. The aim of developing this coin is to put up an ecosystem on the Blockchain that will speed up the whole process of mass adoption or the mainstream adoption by utilising the digital currency. This is possible by making the joint venture as well as a partnership with a group of distribution partners above Blockchain to facilitate and support the mass adoption of Ovato coin as the only means of transaction.

For this purpose, Ovato entered

  • Bitovation (Bitovation.com)- this is one of the loyalty program platform same as some of the billion-dollar companies like Ebates and Rakuten. It offers its customers rebates, rewards and heavy discounts from more than 2000 popular brands in the US and is gaining more and more merchants all over the world. It is completely free for its customer’s to join and is user-friendly. The only aim of ovato coin to enter Bitovation is to gain mass adoption.
  • Govato: Ovato made a partnership with Govato, which is a discount journey and membership site. It uses Ovato as its only currency. Although it will use other currencies, only if they can be converted to Ovato coins. These way consumers make use of Ovato coins for all travel offers available, thereby increasing the demand for Ovato coins.
  • Most recently, Ovato declared its listing on Lukki exchange as its first launch pad for the coin. Lukki exchange user base is more focused on Asia and euro and it offers the best launchpad for those organisations wishing to move to secondary markets. Lukki is developed in such a way that people can easily start their trading path wit high comfort as well as required tools.

Ovato is making an ecosystem for the digital currency exchange for values. By planning a group of planned partnerships including all types of digital commerce popular in present-day centralised society for finance. It is offering its user the best way for value exchange with very fewer transaction fees and limitless spending on Blockchain. Ovato coin will facilitate the users to do the transaction in just a few seconds and is confirmed within minutes.

Ovato is one of the most reliable media that will function without any congestion helping users to send worldwide within seconds for those virtual pennies. It is very simple and user-friendly, offering secure payment system for storing value utilising the safe Blockchain technology.

Ovato is the platform where users can do successful transactions within a few seconds of initiation of the transaction. Ovato most prevalent aim is to establish it as one of the best platforms on the world of digital currency. It is designed in such a way that one can initiate the journey with minimum stress, thereby utilising the best available tools. Purchasing virtual currency by doing micro-payments is always the best option. In terms of marketing strategies, Ovato is quite ahead than most of the digital currency platform. It offers security benefits on a long term basis and flawless transactions. The platform is in joint association with some of the best-distributing partners to ensure the coins are being endorsed at an international level.

Thus, as of now, it has become quite sure that Ovato is going to be one of the most inexorable peers to peer digital currency platforms with numerous benefits. Performing daily business is very easy. Above all the partnership that Ovato has made is like an added benefit to its network. It facilitates in making a profit for both Ovato as well as the network. We can say that Ovato has gone a few steps ahead of both in choice as well as certainty in digital currency platforms.

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