Ripple’s XRP Network Might Be Prone to Suffer Similar Outage As Stellar Lumens

On May 14th, the Stellar network went down. The problem was caused by some of the validators of the Stellar Development Foundation going down.

The incident caused many in the cryptocurrency space to question the level of decentralization of the Stellar network. In a blog post, Stellar promptly responded to the outage and the “over-centralized” critiques of the network.

Schwartz broke down the issue and explained that similar problems could possibly arise on the Ripple network.

Schwartz’s explanation caused a lot of hardcore Ripple fans to take a step back to look at the bigger picture. Many even admitted to and expressed remorse for their knee-jerk reactions and trollish responses.

Ultimately, to avoid this particular issue, more validators are needed. This means that more users and validators are needed. And as the cryptocurrency community strengthens and the number of participants grows, security and efficiency go up.

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