EMJAC : Turning Waste to Gold


In the year 2013, Americans generated about 254 million tons of trash, and recycled about 87 million tons of this material, equivalent to a 34.3 percent recycling rate. On average, we recycled and composted 1.51 pounds of our individual waste generation of 4.40 pounds per person per day, and Some projections say that the number will reach 3.4 billion metric tons (3.7 billion tons) in 2050.

The TOP 3 Countries Who Produce the Most Garbage are

  1. Kuwait, 5.72 kilograms per capita per day.
  2. Antigua, 5.50 kilograms per capita per day.
  3. St. Kitts and Nevis, 5.45 kilograms per capita per day.

If waste is not properly managed, especially other liquid and solid waste from households, communities, and big companies, it can be a serious health hazard and lead to the spread of infectious diseases. People in the community need to be united against improper waste disposal. 

Many countries are trying to control waste. Few of them convert the waste into a source of electricity by burning out trash – a method that many environmentalists say is far too polluting. 

What is waste-to-energy? It’s a broad term whose umbrella covers a number of technologies which depends on whom you talk to, has its own pros and cons.

Blockchain, it is the other way of repurposing as a way to deal with our waste. This new technology is used by EMJAC, a company which aims to become a leader in research & development of recycling global waste tyres into GREEN and CLEAN renewable energy.

The EMJAC team offered a solution to turn these waste into green energy, which is called THERMAL RECOVERY UNIT –  advanced waste tire thermal recovery unit that allows 100% recovery of waste tires with NO release of harmful emissions and utilizes a state-of-the-art air pollution control measure. 

The patented “Air-Lock” system allows the TRU to be operated in a fully closed environment diminishing any pollution to the environment. TRU has been a plant and blockchain-based traceability solution with proven records from Malaysia and India that deal with the development of complex blockchain solutions and waste tyre recycling industry.

As for the byproducts from this process, they can yield green energy products that’s valuable, such as synthetic diesel, carbon black, and steel wires. These three green products will be traded in the market.

EMJAC as a blockchain-based company, it’s native token ‘EMJAC’ can be used in its marketplace. Emjac token holders can use native tokens to trade of buying and selling the recycled products like synthetic diesel, refined black and steel wires on a global scale. Such a trading opportunity exists due to the different prices of these commodities especially diesel which is an integrated energy requirement in every country.

EMJAC is launching their Initial Exchange Offering which starts on 5/03 – 5/04/2020 at ChainX, Lukki & P2PB2B at a price of $0.11/EMJ with a minimum purchase of $100 with 20% discount.

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